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Winner of the 2015 Scientific and Technical Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Captain America: Civil War - 2016

Produced by: Marvel Studios

Suicide Squad - 2016

Produced by: DC Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment

X-Men Apocalypse - 2016

Produced by: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry Productions, TSG Entertainment

Star Trek Beyond - 2016

Produced by: Skydance Productions, Bad Robot Productions

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - 2017

Produced by: Walt Disney Pictures

Avengers: Age of Ultron - 2015

Produced by: Marvel Studios

Tomorrowland - 2015

Produced by: Walt Disney Pictures

Monster Trucks - 2015

Produced by: Disruption Entertainment

Game of Thrones - 2014

Produced by: HBO

Godzilla - 2014

Produced by: Legendary Pictures

Big Eyes - 2014

Produced by: Silverwood Films


" I was so impressed when i first saw the designs for the inflatable green screens. I am honoured that Godzilla is the first major production to use them as I know they will become the industry standard. They are so quick to inflate and deflate when sections are not required and to minimize spill. I look forward to having them on every film. "

Seamus McGarvey
Cinematographer: 'Godzilla"

" It was an incredibly impressive system that went up quickly and came down quickly which gave Seamus much more flexibility than he otherwise would have had. I saw him put it up and down over the course of the day a few times, some-times in order to let more light in, sometimes in order to add more green, etc. But in the old traditional sense of things we would have had to leave location and come another day in order to give him that kind of flexibility. Very very impressive!"

Patty Whitcher
Executive Producer: 'Godzilla"

" The AirWall is Amazing! I have to admit I was skeptical at first, a blow up green screen? Never! But after setting up almost 600’ wide by 34 feet high, I am now SOLD! No more pyramids of shipping containers, or flimsy trusses. The ease of which we were able to blow it up and down (about 10 minutes) Was incredible, this allowed us to pull the screen down in spots, so we could reduce the amount of green spill on things if we were not looking in that direction. I will ask for this on every show from now on! "

Jim Rygiel
Visual Effects Supervisor: 'Godzilla"

" "Having dealt with a near-miss incident that involved a Cargo container Green Screen falling over as a result of wind loading, I was truly impressed with this "Safe" new innovation in the film industry. Easy and fast to deploy, stable and the ability to deflate quickly if the wind speed becomes a concern." "

Doug Buchanan
Occupational Safety Officer, Worksafe BC
This is a personal opinion only and not an endorsement from Worksafe,BC

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